Est. 1993

Since the early 1990's

At the Uganda Safari Company, we feel strongly that safaris can be about a lot more than looking at animals and stunning scenery. We have years of hands-on experience behind the scenes, ensuring the safety and security of wildlife and their natural habitat. We know the people – the champions of the wild, so to speak – who work tirelessly at conservation, and we work alongside them. We also work with the communities who have managed to change their ways and adopt strategies to live harmoniously on the edge of parks and reserves. In our minds, they, too, are considered champions.

We have criss-crossed this country and discovered the warmth and humanity of the different people who make Uganda their home, who have been willing to share with us their traditions, their cultural intricacies, their histories. We hike with them, dance with them, eat with them and laugh with them. They’ve taught us things we never thought we’d learn.

These are the things that make Uganda unique. The stories, the struggles, the challenges, the triumphs…and the little things too. Especially the little things.

We’d love to share these with our clients.

We are constantly devising various new ways of engaging with Uganda so that our guests leave with a more profound understanding and feeling of connection with this wonderful country.

Some things we have done with our clients:

  • Hiked the trading route (not the hiking route) across the foothills of the Rwenzori mountains
  • Visited local witchdoctors
  • Workshopped with some of Uganda’s leading visual artists
  • Foraged with the Karamajong
  • Worked with animal translocation
  • Participated in chimpanzee habituation and research
  • Assisted in anti-poaching activities
  • Supported and promoted the building of a clinic in a remote area in Northern Uganda
  • Constructed rainwater harvesting apparatus for a village in Western Uganda
  • Had lunch with a flower farmer and toured the acres of roses
  • Stayed on a working tea estate
  • Visited smallholder coffee farmers
  • Climbed to the peak of Mount Elgon
  • Visited a vanilla processing farm
  • Participated in village clean-up days
  • Participated in Uganda’s Big Birding Day
  • Toured sugar plantations and rice farms
  • Volunteered for several days in a local orphanage
  • Participated in anti poaching patrols

There’s more – there’s always more – and we will continue to engage and get involved.
If you want to get to know more… let us know.