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Vogue, 2017

10 May 2017
Are These Luxury Lodges Uganda’s Best-Kept Secret?
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The Semliki Valley

19 Apr 2017
Uganda’s hidden vale , the legend has it that when the early white ‘explorers’ first came through the Semliki Valley, they happened across a wide river …. 

Financial Times UK, 2016

25 Nov 2016
It normally takes four or five hours at most to locate a family of gorillas in the glistening, livif-green mountain rainforests of western Uganda. For me, it took 32 years

Wanderlust, 2016

25 Nov 2016
We heard him before we could see him. A rhythmic drumming rang through the forest, echoing my pounding heart. Then 250 kilogrammes of silverback…
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Online Visas, 2016

11 Jul 2016
As of 01st July 2016, Uganda has introduced an online visa application system. Guests intending to visit Uganda for tourism-purposes are required to apply…

We are Africa, 2016

08 Apr 2016
This year the theme of We Are Africa (one of Africa’s largest tourism trade shows) is ‘Not One Story’. This years’ aim is to replace stories told about Africa, ...

Chicago Tribune, 2015

12 Aug 2015
The park rangers had told us we shouldn’t try to get any closer to the mountain gorillas than 20 feet. Obviously, no one had told the gorillas. Which explained the female that ju...

JustLuxe, 2015

21 Jul 2015
Some of the world’s best destinations are often the hardest to reach. Uganda is one such place. A landlocked country in East Africa, Uganda has stunning terrain that…

International New York Times, 2015

18 Jul 2015
Uganda’s experienced operators offer activities including encounters with mountain gorillas, high-adrenaline outdoor sports and richly rewarding cultural…